Lights come on at walking track

| 24/01/2018

I wanted to get an update on the lights situation at the track behind John Gray. Do you know when they will be installed? Still pitch black there most nights.

Auntie’s answer: I have received several similar questions regarding the lack of lights at the walking track by the Truman Bodden Sports Complex, and I have been checking on this issue for some time. And now I can finally share some good news.

Last week, lights were installed on three sides of the track, finally illuminating dark areas that were causing concern for many using the facility. I know those of you who have been regular walkers/runners there will be wondering why it took so long to get this done. Well, nothing is as simple as it seems.

Several departments were involved in the process, including the Department of Sports, the National Roads Authority and CUC. While that required a lot of back and forth discussion, and preliminary work like trimming branches of nearby trees and installing poles and guy wires, the result was a good one.

There are now five new poles at the track, each with a 100-watt LED street light. So not only is most of the track well-lit, but it is also an environmentally-friendly solution.

Next up the Department of Sports will meet with CUC about putting in lights on the east side with minimal disruption to the trees.


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    Good on ya!!!!!