Long-serving staff at Cayman Airways

| 26/08/2018

I have three questions I need answered about Cayman Airways: Who is the longest serving female employee and who is the male? Who was the first flight attendant?

Advance ChevroletAuntie’s answer: It’s always nice to recognise people who have stayed with the same company for so many years. Fabian Whorms, president and CEO of Cayman Airways, was able to get the information you requested.

Edwin Nixon, who is now a senior aircraft mechanic, has been working for the airline since it was established in 1968, making him the longest-serving male employee. May I congratulate him on his 50th year at Cayman Airways, which is quite an impressive feat. The airline is celebrating its 50th anniversary, so he has been there pretty much since the beginning.

Cindy Terc, who is now the senior manager of sales in Grand Cayman, joined the airline in 1978. so she has hit her 40-year mark, again worthy of congratulations.

Isabelle Giger was the first flight attendant and, even though you didn’t ask, Olice Yates was the second.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Olice was the attendant on the DC3 the first time I flew on Cayman Airways many years ago. She was friendly and helpful, and poured a great rum and coke! I hope she is still happy and well.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wouldnt it be nice if CAL invited Olice to come and be a part of their celebrations!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Excessive staff retention is a sign of inefficient pay and organisational structures.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for being so respectful of these employees who have dedicated their lives to ensuring Cayman Airways is here to support the country and the citizens.

      By the way, these long serving individuals chose a career that they obviously enjoy and are very proud of. Who are you to be so disrespectfully shallow?

      How many jobs have you had in your life with that sick attitude of yours?

      How many of those jobs were you proud and passionate about enough to stick with through thick and thin, good and bad? How many were you

      Cayman Airway has employed over 2,000 Caymanians over its 50 years and you choose to make a mockery of the airlines longest serving male and female employees.

      Shame on you!!!

      Congratulations to Mr Edwin, Miss Cindy and all the many dedicated contributors to Cayman Airways over the years.

      Cayman Airways might not be perfect, but its a part of our CAYMANIAN fabric.

      A fabric you obviously don’t understand or appreciate.

      Keep up the great job Cayman Airways. You are appreciated!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    And their whole families fly free for life! Shambles!!

    • Anonymous says:

      While your facts are not completely accurate, I am more than confident to say you wouldn’t be blogging this if you was maybe employed by CAL.

      Don’t hate on the dedicated staff that obviously enjoy what they do and have to endure persons like yourself that belittle them and the airline everyday.

      Instead, update your CV and submit to their HR department, they maybe be hiring as it seems you could use employment having time to write such nonsense so early in the morning.


      • Anonymous says:

        Love your free flights subsidized by the tax payers you mean?

        • Anonymous says:

          These people risk their lives every time they fly- day and night…. so why shouldn’t they and their families enjoy some benefits?!

    • Anonymous says:

      If that were the case my children would continue to receive benefits, after all my husband’s worked for CAL for over 25 years. You need to tell me where I can get those benefits LMAO. You know if you don’t know the policy’s you should just keep your clappers shut!!!