Legal entry needed for pregnant partner

| 26/09/2018

If I am Caymanian and my partner is not but is carrying my child, how can I get my partner here legally?

Ask Auntie, CNS Local Life, Caymanian statusAuntie’s answer: Unfortunately, your situation doesn’t actually fall into a specific category under the law, a Department of Immigration (DOI) official explained, also pointing out the usual paths to gaining entry to Cayman, apart from being married to a Caymanian.

These methods cover coming in as a visitor if your partner is not legally and ordinarily resident in Cayman or seeking employment here and being granted a work permit, but I do not believe either of those possibilities would work for you. However, the official said that perhaps there might be other options but it would be difficult to say without knowing specific background information. One suggestion offered would be to consult with an immigration agency or attorney, though that route might prove costly.

The DOI representative, however, has also offered to assist. Since the reader submitted the question anonymously, I am asking him to email me at and I will pass on the contact information for the official.


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  1. Anon says:

    1 41? Nah. You are assuming. What if it is a gay couple. They have rights under the new Constitution. Cayman has to accept the fact that these people will be testing you all out. That is what they do.

  2. DoxxyF says:

    ouch felt those burns… but these people are right, and you wonder why they changed the law in the first place

  3. Anonymous says:

    If you like it you shoulda put a ring on it!

    • StopTheCrime says:

      This! If you’re man enough to impregnate a woman, you’re man enough to step up and make a family. Grow up, marry her and be a loving father forever.