Using cannabis oil in Cayman

| 24/09/2018

Ask Auntie, CNS Local Life, Caymanian statusI have elderly relatives in the US whose pain issues have been relieved by the use of CBD (cannabidiol) oil. Are we allowed to use it here in the Cayman Islands? If so, what is the process for acquiring it? I also find that there is a general lack of understanding of what CBD oil is, and some don’t realise that it doesn’t get anyone “high” or produce any euphoria. Perhaps this would be a good place to produce some facts/data about the oil; I hope that those who need it can get that information and perhaps replace or reduce their use of prescription painkillers.

Auntie’s answer:  Yes, medical use of CBD oil in Cayman has been legal for about two years. I have answered other questions about its use and availability, which may be helpful (see Patient looking for CINICO to cover cannabis oil and Interested in getting cannabis oil).

By the way, there are additional pharmacies dispensing the oil to patients with a doctor’s prescription since those previous columns were written. And I think more people here actually do understand the benefits of cannabidiol and how, for example, it can be used to treat various cancers and epilepsy, and as a pain reliever. Longtime advocate Dennie Warren Jr has also devoted a Facebook page to the use of and information on cannabis oil and will answer questions posted there.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    CBD oil is sold without prescription in the US. It is not a marijuana oil. It is aa hem oil extract.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Herb should be free for the people. The pharmacists all getting rich off of this vital herb. Let us cultivate our ownna herbs!