Can mother access her deceased son’s pension?

| 17/10/2018

Ask Auntie, CNS Local Life, Caymanian statusThe mother of a Jamaican man working in Cayman who died last year wants to know how does she go about getting his pension? Is she entitled to his pension? He died in the Cayman Islands but his body was brought back to Jamaica. What documentation would she need to provide? His mother is still in bereavement and finds this hard to deal with, hence she has asked for assistance.

Auntie’s answer: There is indeed a way for the mother to access her son’s pension and the process was explained by an official with the Department of Labour and Pensions.

First of all, access to the son’s pension depends on several factors, including whether he was married and if his mother is named as a beneficiary on his pension account. If he were married, then his wife is entitled to the pension, but it sounds from the question that the son was single. In addition, if a beneficiary had been named then that person would get the benefit, but again, that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

So, the official said, what his mother needs to do is apply for and obtain documentation from the court which “would authorise the person’s right of access to the deceased member’s pension benefit”.

Generally, the official added, to access someone’s benefit following their death, you need to contact the pension plan administrator, who will provide the relevant forms. The mother will “at a minimum” have to provide her identification and her son’s death certificate. If you are going to act on behalf of the mother, you will need “formal written communication to that effect signed by the relevant person and properly witnessed, otherwise the pension plan will only provide you with general information”.

I hope that gives you and your friend a place to start.

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