Measuring recyclables shipped overseas

| 28/02/2019

What are the units for the recyclables shipped from Cayman, ie per tonne, cubic foot or something else?

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Auntie’s answer: This question arose from a reader’s comment to a previous column on recycling (see Where do Cayman’s recyclables wind up?) which explained where goods such as plastics, cardboard and aluminium cans are shipped and how much revenue the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) earns by selling these items.

As the question above implies, there was no indication of the amounts sent overseas. I asked the DEH and was given estimates of the usual size of shipments.

A DEH official explained that recyclables are shipped in 40ft containers in bales that usually weigh less than 42,000lbs. Specifically, bales of plastic typically weigh between 36,000 and 37,000lbs, aluminium cans from 21,000-23,000lbs, and cardboard about 40,000lbs.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The size of the shipments is one thing, but the other thing is how often are shipments of this size made?