Old term limit needs two-year extension

| 04/02/2019
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I have a boyfriend who has been on a work permit for the last seven years and will be on rollover in September this year. I phoned the immigration department to inquire and I was told that the term limit has changed from seven to nine years therefore a further two-year extension can be sought. However, I don’t see any information that tells you how to apply or what the procedure is. Can you help?

Auntie’s answer: It is always nice to find out that the simplest solution is the one that is used, which is the case for your boyfriend. I received clarification from the Department of Immigration on what action his employer should take, though I have to wonder why it appears his boss didn’t make these enquiries. I also feel the need to note that it seems odd you are asking about this now since the increase in term limit to nine years (regardless of the previous key employee designation) has been part of the immigration law since 2014.

Anyway, the employer has two options, both fairly straightforward. He or she can either write in to renew the work permit, explaining that the term limit appears to be incorrect, or write to request the term limit be corrected. Either way, the letter should be addressed to the Secretary of the Work Permit Board. You will find complete contact information here.

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  1. Annonymous says:

    Is it true that the new term limit this year 2019 is 11yrs?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Both of you can go to another country for a year or so. Work there and come back. Like most other ppl. Or get married quickly before immigration investigates the real reason for the marriage.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just marry the man, already….!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Boyfriend told her this because he wants to get away. Auntie, you have foiled his plan!