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| 27/02/2019

Who is supposed to be enforcing the law regarding signs on sidewalks? It seems that signs such as sandwich boards are blocking sidewalks everywhere from downtown George Town to the Eastern Districts.

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Auntie’s answer: I am really glad this question was asked. In addition to blocking sidewalks, the sandwich boards often prevent a clear view of oncoming traffic when a driver is attempting to turn onto a road, which I can attest to from personal experience.

The matter of enforcement falls to the Department of Planning. An official confirmed that the department issues enforcement notices to property owners concerning the placement of signs on the sidewalk. If these notices do not lead to the removal of the offending signs, then the department will come by to collect the signs, which will then be disposed of after two weeks if they are not claimed.

The notice and removal are set out in the Department and Planning Law (2017 Revision) under Sections 18(4) and (8), and 21(1). The latter section sets out guidelines for possible fines for non-compliance.

Sidewalks need to allow for free movement of pedestrians, the official pointed out, so any business that wants to put up a sign would have to apply to the Central Planning Authority for approval. To date, however, previous such applications have been denied on the basis they would block pedestrian access.

The official explained that signs and sandwich boards are put out on sidewalks without planning permission. The department does “actively remove” the signs, he added, but also asked that members of the public email reports of any sightings to and these complaints will be investigated and referred for further action.

The law mentioned above can be found on the CNS Library

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What about the telephone pole that’s been left in the middle of the new sidewalk in front the new development on South Sound Road?

  2. Anonymous says:

    nobody enforces laws . Get used to it. (sarcasm intended)

  3. Chris Johnson says:

    Excellent article. Amongst others can Hammerheads and Caseronvas remove signs and cars on the sidewalk that obstruct pedestrians from the sidewalk.

    • Anonymous says:

      At least the obstructing trees that were planted nearby removed themselves.

    • Anonymous says:

      Be neighborly Chris and walk next door and speak to sense being nasty on social media…

      • Chris Johnson says:

        Been there for the odd beer but usually owner is not around. What more can one do? Of course the property owner also bears responsibility but I just do not have the time nor inclination to sort out the problems of others. Perhaps you can assist me here Mr Anonymous whomever you are.

    • Anonymous says:

      In some cases the signs do actually prevent the multitude of cars and taxis from parking on the sidewalk and access being blocked to wheelchair users in particular. If the police do nothing about enforcing the laws about double yellow lines and sidewalk parking then perhaps the signs are the only way that people can get through? In the case mentioned, the signs are better than the cars parking right up to the buildings.