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| 11/03/2019
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I watched Marie Kondo on Netflix (the tidying and decluttering expert) and I am going to try and retake control of my house. After I have thanked and said goodbye to my shoes, clothes, fax machines, modems, printers, where should it go? I do not like the idea of just throwing away things I no longer need or intend to use. What are the outlets on island that accept donations of unwanted items for reuse?

Auntie’s answer: Right before Christmas, I answered a question on where to donate toys (see Suggestions for donating toys). But since you are trying to give away a much larger variety of goods, and there have been several recent columns on recycling which encompasses re-using, this seems a good time to write on the topic.

The Cayman Islands Red Cross (949-6785), on Huldah Avenue, operates a thrift shop that I think would gladly take everything that you listed and serves the whole community. They would be a great place to start. For more information, go to their Thrift Shop Community Outreach webpage.

The National Council of Voluntary Organisations also runs a thrift shop, located at 90A Anthony Drive, just off Smith Road (behind the Pines Retirement Home). For more information and for details on its donation policy go to ‘New to You’ bargain shop page on the NCVO website, call 949-2124 or email ncvocoordinator@ncvo.org.ky.

The Cayman Islands Humane Society runs the Claws-It Thrift Shop (945-5596) which last year was moved to a larger premises in Plaza Venezia, down the road from its headquarters on North Sound Way. The shop accepts anything you might want to donate, and has to space to accommodate all sorts of items.

One Dog at a Time, (917-8284) runs the ‘New to You’ shop in Industrial Park which accepts everything from clothing to electrical items to furniture.

PAWS (Protection of Animal Welfare Society) also runs a thrift shop, which accepts all items. It is located in Bodden Town, at Plaza Odessa. For more information, call 928-2129 or message PAWS through the shop’s Facebook page.

If readers have other suggestions on where to donate, please add a comment to this column.

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