Where is my new licence plate?

| 19/03/2019
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I have been checking the Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing (DVDL) site for more than a year for my licence number to appear on the list of plates ready to be exchanged for new ones. It looks like the last updated list of licences was July last year. What is the reason for the delay and when will another list will published?

Auntie’s answer: You are correct that the DVDL has not released a list of plates since July 2018, but an official with the department gave me the reason:

In October, the DVDL launched a new system designed to make it easier to find out if new plates are ready. I admit that I did not know about this development; I am not sure how well-publicised the change was. But, anyway, if you want to check the status of a licence plate, go to the DVDL homepage which contains a blue banner at the top labelled “New Licence Plate Search”. You simply enter your current plate number and click “Check Plate”.

If your new plate is ready to be collected, a green banner will appear that says it awaits you. If not, a red banner tells you the plate is not ready. And to remind everyone, all new plates have to be picked up at the DVDL’s Crewe Road office.

In case anyone was wondering, to date the department has embossed new plates for more than 35,000 vehicles.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is there any specific reason why the DVDL cannot immediately issue windshield RFIDs to everyone relicensed, so they all road users can conform with the Traffic Regulations (2017 Revision)? Plates can always be swapped later…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m confused. When I went to renew my licience tag recently, I was simply given a new number. Why is everyone “waiting” for “their” place when a new number is assigned?

    • Anonymous says:

      With no sentimental attachment to my plate number, I asked for a brand new plate with new number and they told me it didn’t work like that, and I was to wait my turn. Three years and counting! My theory is that their machine is broken.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know if you have to go in person to collect the new plates or can you send anyone with the old plates and the log book?

  4. Anonymous says:

    That’s about as many cars as Caymanians….

  5. Anonymous says:

    Talk about winking in the dark. Set up a new system and keep it to yourselves.