Camping Safety Tips

| 17/04/2019

With Easter only a few days away, and camping activities now being planned in earnest, the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) reminds campers of the following safety tips:

  • Observe Food Safety

While the outdoor condition at this time of year is ideal for camping, it also readily facilitates bacterial growth. The DEH urges campers to take the necessary precautions to avoid contracting food-borne illnesses.  Always bring a cooler with you and pack it with extra ice or ice packs to maintain cold temperatures in refrigerated foods and place drinks in a separate cooler from foods to prevent cross-contamination during storage.

Additionally, ensure that you cook meat, poultry and seafood thoroughly and consume shortly after preparation. Since the minimum cooking temperature for potential high-risk foods such as hamburgers, poultry and seafood is 158 ºF, use a thermometer to verify temperature. However, in the absence of same, please cook meats until the pink spot in the centre disappears. Wash hands thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap before and after handling raw foods or use an antibacterial liquid where possible, as this will reduce the bacterial load that may be present on campers’ hands to a safe level.

  • Ensure Bonfire Safety

Although beach bonfires are a significant part of the local camping experience, always notify the Cayman Islands Fire Service (CIFS) and apply, in writing, to the DEH for permission to build your bonfire at least 48 hours before the proposed date.  Your request must be addressed to the Director, Environmental Health and include the following information: Name and telephone number of the contact person as well as proposed time, date, location and duration of the bonfire. A fee of CI $25/USD 31.25 is payable for all local transactions.

Always build bonfires in a safe area, away from tents, vehicles, low hanging branches or tall grass. Maintain a respectable distance from the fire and give it constant attention.  Do not let flames exceed three (3) feet in height or width and refrain from burning garbage. Always have a fire extinguisher and water on hand and notify the CIFS immediately should the fire get out of control.

  • Practice Proper Garbage Disposal!

Dispose of trash in bins available at the campsite.  Remove all items of garbage from the campsite and dispose of them at home if no garbage containers are at the campsite.  Don’t forget to recycle your waste and to return the campground to its original condition before you leave.

For more information on camping safety, please call the DEH at 949-6696, send an email to or visit DEH Facebook page at

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