Why are parked cars allowed to block view of road?

| 06/05/2019
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We live next to San Sebastian and have called the RCIPS over and over again about cars that are parked blocking the line-of-sight to enter and exit our development. They also park IN our entranceway. We have complained even more to the developers of The Tides whose sub-contractors park there. The last response we got from the developer was that they can’t tell them where to park!

Despite the fact that after years of complaints, there is now parking where The Sanctuary is to be built, some don’t use it. I was recently repeatedly yelled at by a worker for carefully taking time to squeeze through with oncoming traffic on that awful corner. And, yes, I did report it to the RCIPS.

Every day we have to haul ass out of our development, without being able to see clearly. Nothing will be done until someone dies and hopefully their family sues.

Auntie’s answer: I agree the situation you describe concerning a blocked view of the road is potentially very dangerous. I have discussed a similar issue in a column last month.

I also appreciate your efforts to fix the problem and can understand your clear frustration. I contacted the RCIPS and was also able to get some clarification from people connected to two of the properties mentioned in your question. It took a while to get a response from all the relevant parties and the situation has changed over that time, but I can at least provide some information on what occurred.

An RCIPS spokesperson explained that there was no record of a police report. While I cannot say why that was the case, the RCIPS did send out community officers and a sergeant from George Town to take a look at the area in question. They also spoke to the foremen of the construction sites.

The officers did not notice any parking violations, and reported there were actually cones set out to prevent people from parking and blocking the view of the road.

In addition, the officers spoke to the supervisors on site about causing obstructions and other road violations and the police noted they “were happy to adjust and cooperate”.

Meanwhile, a representative of BCQS, which are the property managers for San Sebastian, said they “had some issues with residents of San Sebastian trying to get out of the complex and the cars blocking the corner” of that development. The company “reached out to the project manager of NCB development on a few occasions and asked if he could stop work vehicles parking on that part of the road as it was causing obstruction”.

However, the manager explained that due to the many different companies involved in construction of the development in question, The Tides, he wasn’t able to stop them parking there. The solution was for the San Sebastian strata to buy cones and place them along the road, as the police noted.

The issue seems to have resolved now that NCB has finished construction, and so the strata has removed the cones.

A spokesperson for NCB said the developer had “done as much as possible to limit cars from parking alongside the road there, but sometimes people don’t always adhere to your rules”. He also pointed to the same problem mentioned by the BCQS representative, that some of the offending cars were most likely sub-contractors “who were all aware that they were not supposed to park there” adding, “The good news is, the building is essentially complete so the amount of vehicles parked along the road that are directly related to Tides will decrease significantly.”

If the issue with errant parking has been resolved and drivers in the area can now safely turn into South Sound Road, then that is great news. If that is not the case, or if the situation changes, please let me know.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your answer, I truly cannot believe what the police are saying. I did file a police report as well as both my husband and I phoning in on dozens upon dozens of occasions and sending many photographs to have this addressed. One day the police gave out a whole bunch of tickets and that slowed it down temporarily. However, they never got back to me to say that they had spoken to the developer and the workers. I find this slack.

    The problem still persists and up until yesterday, I was almost T-boned by a truck that I couldn’t see coming from George Town because of cars parked at the side of the road. There is very limited parking outside The Tides and there are still lots of people working there on the finishing touches. There was even someone washing a car (for someone at The Tides) in our ENTRANCE the other day.

    I guess I/we will have to be the people who call/s in every day to complain – again…. sigh…..

    It took us years of requests to get double yellow lines on the east side of our entrance and I suppose it would take the same again from the tenants and owners of The Lakes and San Sebastian.

    In the meantime, I truly hope that no one is injured exiting either development and be assured that if it is me or mine, or any visitor to our house, there will be a lawsuit.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jamaican workers ,,,,Jamaican police ,what do you expect .?

  3. Anonymous says:

    The same problem everywhere, one that bugs me is on the road in front of Foster’s at the strand. Cars park on the road and make it impossible to see if any cars are coming, I’m surprised there aren’t more accidents.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I thought that NCB Group were meant to be responsible developers. But here they are saying that they can’t control what their subcontractors do. If they can’t control parking, can they control any quality of the subcontractors? It is extremely embarrassing for NCB Group that they either didn’t think parking through or are too incompetent to manage it adequately. Yikes, I think that really speaks to the quality of work if they can’t manage something so simple.