Is King’s Sports Centre roundabout getting solar panels?

| 22/05/2019

It is being rumoured that CUC intends to put up solar panels by the King’s Sports Centre roundabout. Any truth to this story?

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Auntie’s answer: Yes, the story is true. I asked a CUC official your question, who explained the solar panels are being installed on that roundabout as part of the redesign, which was discussed in a previous column addressing a reader’s concern about the removal of trees.

The sole purpose of the panels is to power the various lights and “moving parts” that will be incorporated into the landscapers’ design of the roundabout.

That is all I can offer about how the finished product will look as the National Roads Authority is not releasing any details on the design, but says the landscaping might be completed by mid-year, which is fast approaching.

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