Can I sign a petition if not in Cayman?

| 02/05/2019

How do overseas students who are registered voters sign a petition? 

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Auntie’s answer: This question was asked in reference to the petition calling for a people-initiated referendum on the cruise port project. There is a process in place facilitated by Cruise Port Referendum Cayman to accommodate people living abroad, such as students.

Anyone who wants to sign the petition online should email You will be sent an electronic version of the petition to print. You will need to fill in your details, including name, address, voter registration number and electoral district. (If you don’t know your election registration number, go to the Elections Office here, plug in your name and click ‘search’.)

You also will be asked to include a scanned copy of your voter registration ID card, if that is available; otherwise you can use your driver’s licence or passport for your ID. Once the form is completed, scan and email it, along with the copy of your ID, to CPR Cayman.

For those students in the UK, it is also possible to sign an actual hard copy of the petition if you live in or can pass through London. CPR Cayman member Gabriella Hernandez can meet students in London to enable them to sign. To contact her, email or call +4407731794408. She explained she will be travelling after 8 May, but will be available by email or phone to answer any questions about the petition.

Once the petition receives signatures from 25% of registered voters, it will be sent to the Elections Office for verification. The campaigners expect to reach that target in a matter of weeks.

If you are not registered to vote, you will not be able to sign the petition, but once registered, you can also participate in the vote on the cruise port referendum. I believe it is always a good thing to take part in the electoral process and this is as good a time as any to become a voter. For information on how to register to vote click here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks! Perfect!

  2. Anonymous says:

    That is a lot of personal information for a unsecured free gmail account. What ensures that identity theft won’t happen? What happens with the information after it has been confirmed that we are who we say we are. Is the info destroyed delete? How do you ensure confidentiality and security?