Ministry asks community and businesses to help NPOs

| 19/06/2019
CNS Local Life
Ministry of Community Affairs Chief Officer Teresa Echenique

(CNS Local Life): As part of a commitment going back more than ten years to provide funding to five of Cayman’s non-profit organisations, amounting to almost $2.5 million annually, the Ministry of Community Affairs is also calling on the private sector and the community to support The Pines Retirement Home, National Council of Voluntary Organisations, Cayman Islands Crisis Centre, Rehoboth After School Programme and Meals on Wheels.

Meanwhile, the ministry is pledging the current level of support to the charities as it compiles its 2020/2021 budget, stated a press release. In addition to the grants, extra government funding and services have also been provided through the Deputy Governor’s 5K Challenge, assistance with food deliveries and other fundraisers.

“Given the invaluable community services that these NPOs provide, the ministry remains committed to supporting them through annual grants,” said Chief Officer Teresa Echenique in the release.

“These grants and the overall services of the Ministry of Community Affairs through the Department of Children and Family Services and Needs Assessment Unit reflect our commitment to supporting the government’s broad outcome of ‘Stronger communities and support for the most vulnerable’.”

However, she noted that with all of the community initiatives and services that require funding, the ministry will not always be able to raise the amount of the annual grants in each new budget.

“As a result, we encourage the private sector and the public as a whole to partner with and support these remarkable entities by contributing financially and on a volunteer basis and extend our sincere gratitude to these NPOs,” she said.

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