Why haven’t the NRA responded to my suggestions?

| 11/06/2019
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I have written to the NRA a couple of times through their feedback email address and on Facebook and have not received a response. I made a suggestion to possibly help the traffic issue leaving town and heading east in the evenings, which is getting increasingly worse. My suggestion was that from 4:30pm onwards add temporary traffic lights at each junction on the Hurley’s roundabout to keep traffic flowing and see if this helps solve the issue. If by a miracle this works, then they are permanently put in place at the roundabout. It is plain sailing for drivers as soon as they leave the Hurley’s roundabout heading east, unless there is an accident. This might help in the mornings, too.

Also, one of the main traffic jam causes in the evening are vehicles being allowed to leave the King’s Sports Centre roundabout to take Old Crewe Road and then push out to join the South Sound traffic. I suggested closing Old Crewe Road between the hours of 4pm and 6:30pm Monday to Friday and use that for residents only. This used to be patrolled in the morning but I don’t believe there is a sign on the other side by the King’s roundabout in the evening.

Auntie’s answer: The reader who made these suggestions is very engaged about traffic issues, and I have previously answered their question about the process to request a new bus stop. I know that neither of the points in today’s column is an actual question but I felt I should address the lack of response by the National Roads Authority.

In addition, I think the suggestions are worth sharing as contributions to the continuing debate on how to reduce traffic congestion in Cayman. I am sure that, at one time or another, every driver here has had to sit in what seemed like endless traffic on their way into work/school in the morning or on their way home in the evening. Certainly any serious suggestion is worth a look, and I believe the reader’s ideas here would fall into that category.

I contacted the NRA to find out why you have not received any reply to your emails. While it is not exactly clear what happened except for falling through the proverbial cracks, the official apologised for the oversight. I have passed on your suggestions to the NRA and the official assured me they will consider your ideas. I will keep this on their radar and if I hear back about any related action I will let you know.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Roundabouts only work when the traffic flow is balanced, when this was designed this was probably correct. What you say is happening is that those people who have a bigger right than you to be on the road are taking an alternative route and getting priority over you at the roundabout. Unfortunately the designers did not account for the type of people we have driving on our roads so measures must be taken to adjust this but not by spending money on traffic lights but stopping people using an alternative “cut out”. If the people on South Sound just stopped these inconsiderate little twerps getting into the queue it would also help, but no they just say “off course you can push in” I am not bothered about waiting here!

    • NRA needs leadership says:

      BRA is not going to take your suggestion with the light at south sound junction because it makes sense. One lane should not supersede two. the problem with Cayman traffic is poor traffic flow and road hazards Hazard s created by the NRA. just look at the CNB Round-a-bout
      The NRA painted yellow lines almost a week ago by CNB round-a-bout and still have not remove the cones and signs creating a road Hazard. These lines are not in the road code they confuse motorist. The NRA is the problem. it clearly needs leadership. so sad.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “ Billes posted a letter to Education Minister Juliana O’Connor-Connolly on the Facebook page for the Cayman Advocates for Student-Centered Education. She sent a copy of the letter to the minister as an email, she said….
    She said neither O’Connor-Connolly nor anyone from the ministry responded to her 22 Jan. letter.” ( from Parents of special needs students in limbo article)

    So it’s not just NRA. There are no cracks to slip through. The bureaucratic abyss in nearly all departments of the CIG.

  3. Anonymous says:

    They do not answer because its their culture not to answer communications. Unless you have an issue and threaten to put pictures embarrassing them on social media they will not answer you. I had an issue with them and the only reason they eventually replied was because I threatened to post pictures of their transgression on Facebook. That prompted an immediate response.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Because they’re the NRA?

  5. Anonymous says:

    As a cyclist exiting from Hurley’s, to go West it is just not possible unless you have a death-wish. I join the flow heading East to the next roundabout where I can double back. Few cars slow down on the approach to the Hurley’s roundabout and even fewer signal if they are turning left. Roundabouts are designed to keep traffic that uses indicators flowing, but when the majority of traffic is continuing East it simply does not work. Part time metering lights are the only viable solution.

    • Anonymous says:

      Very few vehicles bother to use indicators anyway… I once travelled to work from Bodden Town to Town and could count the number of drivers who actually used an indicator ( whenever they did, it was usually AFTER they’d already made the maneuver – like as an afterthought ). Same with banging on their brakes before making a turn instead of Indicating first, THEN braking and turning.
      On the Hurley’s roundabout, I have seen many a near miss where a vehicle coming from south sound direction enters the Hurley’s exit without any indication whatsoever, so the unsuspecting driver coming from Town (who thought the other driver was turning towards East End direction) is in for a shock when they suddenly veer to the left into Hurley’s with no warning. Whilst obviously the unsuspecting driver should wait until he’s sure – the traffic is so mad, it is easy to want to make the assumption and move forward.
      Kudos to the writer for taking the time to make the suggestions and indeed having enough consideration to try to alleviate a big problem.

      • Anonymous says:

        The answer is of course for the police to actually enforce the traffic law. They don’t.

    • Anonymous says:

      As another cyclist the only way I’ve found to go from King’s to South sound through Hurleys is to approach Huryley’s roundabout at around 15 mph, match the speed of a car in the inner lane, then hug the ass of a car coming from south sound so that I can go right around.

      Call me insane but it works if you have the speed. Not saying this should be a standard, but should highlight that a safer alternative is needed.

  6. Tom says:

    I don’t see why NRA pay hundred thousands of dollar for their advise while we have plenty people in Cayman from overseas knows about traffic more than NRA staff. I was going say same thing install traffic light and it WILL work. It is very common in UK. It need close rat race roads as well or install width reducer to make car slow down on side roads.

  7. Anonymous says:

    My guess, maybe non of the higher officials that head up the NRA live in the east?

  8. Ron Ebanks says:

    Dear Concerned traffic helper the NRA won’t use your suggestion because it makes too much sense and it is free .
    Next time try putting 6 figure charge and maybe you will get a reply .

    • Anonymous says:

      Ron it would really be nice to read something positive coming from you about what used to be your home. You better hope Mr Trump doesn’t throw you out .

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is an obvious answer to a long standing problem. The cracks in the NRA communication system are as bad as some if our roads…

    • J|) says:

      “vehicles being allowed to leave the King’s Sports Centre roundabout to take Old Crewe Road and then push out to join the South Sound traffic”

      And viola, you get a bottle neck when up to FOUR lanes of traffic merge into a single lane that takes priority over two lanes.

      “Four? You drunk?”

      You potentially have 2 coming from LPH, 1 from Crewe road, and the main 1 coming from south sound. Besides the south sound, anyone coming on the three lanes from LPH or Crewe road that takes the single lane on Old crewe road to try and skip is the worst type of driver who only contributes to the problem.


      Ideally traffic from Walker’s should use LPH also to minimize how much traffic the double lanes have to yield to the single from south sound.

      • Anonymous says:

        i never used to use old crew road, but after years of queuing i have just joined the masses and use it as well. It should be blocked off and make people who live there only join from the kings roundabout. it would be fairer.

      • Anonymous says:

        I haven’t a clue what you are trying to say

      • Anonymous says:

        Five! The entry onto the King’s roundabout was expanded at the Crewe Road junction, so there are now two lanes of traffic coming from Crewe Road