What is the clearance of Dart’s tunnels?

| 19/07/2019

Is there any reason why the heights of Dart’s tunnels aren’t marked on them like tunnels all over the world? I had to transport a large hi-top van to George Town on a flatbed tow truck and since I didn’t know the height of the tunnels and didn’t want the top of my van torn off, the tow truck had to drive through the centre of Camana Bay. Thank God I wasn’t transporting a building – which does happen from time to time!

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Auntie’s answer: I really appreciate you asking this question. As someone who does not drive a truck or transport heavy equipment and/or buildings, I admit it never occurred to me to wonder about what would or would not fit under the tunnels.

But I was able to get answers for you. A Dart spokesperson confirmed that earlier this year they submitted a proposal to the National Roads Authority for signage to indicate the maximum headroom of the tunnels, and said a decision is “imminent”.

Meanwhile, I was given the numbers you seek. The maximum headroom for the tunnel by the Camana Bay roundabout on the Esterley Tibbetts Highway is 16 feet, and the one on West Bay Road is 18 feet 6 inches.

Once it gets NRA approval, Dart will “immediately proceed” to order the signs and follow the authority’s guidance on placement, explaining that the typical turnaround time for ordering and installing signs is from two to four weeks.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why was approval given to a private citizen to build tunnels over both and the only public roadways leading into and out of West Bay? This leaves the motoring and traversing public no options if they are scared to drive or walk under those concrete tunnels or if they have to move something such as equipment for digging or drilling etc, mobile homes, cranes and the list goes on. This restricts movement to and from the western side of the Grand Cayman. This should never have been allowed.
    One writer said here that they were able to come through Camana Bay on one ocassion; that too would be dependant on the private roadways within Camana Bay being clear of traffic etc when someone needs to use that option. Presently the entrance through the winding pathway which leads into Camana Bay near the Britannia road is blocked and has been blocked for Camana Bay development during the last few weeks. Also the hanging lights and lower lines through the Camana Bay may limit what can pass through there. Proper signage should have been provided and installed on the tunnel and in my option if a tunnel was going to be installed it should have been one tunnel over one road and the other road left unrestricted to allow for full access for the entire Island.

    Our National Roads Authority, Planning etc needs to be very careful what is allowed in the public domain, bearing in mind the impacts to the rest of public.
    Thank you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There has already been an incident with a truck carrying portable building to the Kaboo site. I was driving directly behind the truck and had to swerve into the other lane as an air conditioning unit was ripped from the top of the building. It is crazy that is no markings on those bridges.

  3. Anonymous says:

    But what if he had been too high to get through?

  4. Anonymous says:

    As someone who does not drive a truck or transport heavy equipment and/or buildings, I still have always wondered what the clearance is on both AND why this wasn’t posted PRIOR to those being opened.
    But that’s how Banana Republic’s are run. No real foresight of anything until it comes and smacks one pon de face!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Don’t get Planning involved, or they will likely state that the “16 foot clearance” sign cannot be placed any higher that 14 feet above the road.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Signs are supposed to be placed at time it’s opened for traffic! Liability is with Dart, none else if someone suffers damage!! Fact!! Approved signs should have been approved BEFOre not after it is open!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    The tunnel shouldn’t have been signed off for operation without height markings already in place. Huge liability issue. Whoever put the last signature on the tunnel is responsible.