Who do I contact if I spot green iguanas?

| 25/07/2019

How do you report green iguana sightings on Grand Cayman? I have done some online research and there are phone numbers for Little Cayman and Cayman Brac, but I cannot find anything for Grand Cayman.

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Auntie’s answer: The Department of Environment (DoE), which oversees the green iguana culling programme, maintains a list of all the registered cullers who are working to dramatically reduce the population of this invasive species on Grand Cayman, and has also set up hotlines to contact those tasked with making sure these creatures don’t take hold on the Sister Islands.

Fred Burton, the manager of the DoE Terrestrial Resources Unit, explained that you can contact any one of the cullers listed for Grand Cayman, tell them where you have seen lots of green iguanas and ask them to go there.

Alternatively, you can call the green iguana cull station at the landfill and let the staff there know, and they can pass the information on to cullers who visit to drop off their iguanas, Mr Burton said.

On Grand Cayman call is 796-8888 or email info@cornwall.ky. You can also call the regular landfill team directly at 949-1544 to report any iguana sightings.

For anyone needing contact information to offer details on the whereabouts of green iguanas on Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, the DoE has set up two phone lines.

On the Brac, call the Cayman Brac wildlife hotline at 917-7744; the iguana hotline on Little Cayman is 925-7625.

Callers are asked to provide as much detail as possible on where the iguanas are located to ensure the cullers are sent out quickly and efficiently.

Finally, to check the weekly updates on how the cullers are faring go to this page on the DoE website.

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    Contact me, I relocate greens and have a sanctuary for them.

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    Call Tyrone!