Where are Rundown and Gimistory?

| 17/07/2019

What happened to Rundown this year? First Gimistory disappeared, now Rundown? I’ve really enjoyed both over the years and am dismayed over the loss.

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Auntie’s answer: Right off the bat, I want to assure you that neither of those productions has disappeared, though you are right that they have not been put on in their usual spots on the calendar.

I answered a similar question about Gimistory last year, which explained the reason for its temporary absence. In that column, Cayman National Cultural Foundation (CNCF) artistic director Henry Muttoo explained the plan was to bring it back in November this year.

Well, the organisers are still hoping to keep to that timeline, though it remains a bit up in the air. Mr Muttoo confirmed that the CNCF is “working on a ‘reinvention’ of Gimistory. Although the festival is international, the objective is to nurture young (and not so young) Caymanian storytellers so we can eventually stage a top-class festival that does not depend on international acts for quality.”

In addition, he pointed to the cost involved in bringing in international acts, and added that local storytellers are paid at the same rate as the visiting performers. “We have kept the festival free for 19 years but more and more, sponsorship is dropping away as many other causes compete for limited corporate funding. CNCF is hoping to be back with Gimistory in November, but this is not quite decided.”

For updates on Gimistory, check the CNCF Facebook page.

As for Rundown, that annual review was due to be presented earlier this year around April/May, but was pushed back when Red Sky at Night was rained out of its original February date, and not held until late March.

“We had to move dates of all other productions while we prepared to remount Red Sky,” Mr Muttoo explained, adding, “Rundown, with your favourite actors and topics, is now scheduled for mid- to late-November.” The exact dates for the show will be announced in September. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is sponsorship down due to the inferior quality of the event in recent years? As an international storytelling event, Gimistory was wonderful. Now? A bore.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have no idea what you are talking about.