NiCE workers tackle sargassum on beaches

| 14/07/2019
CNS Local Life
NiCE workers removing sargassum (above and below)

(CNS Local Life): Dedicated crews of National Community Enhancement (NiCE) summer project workers heaped wheelbarrows full of sargassum in coastal areas last week, shifting loads of the seaweed which is plaguing Cayman’s beaches. The 486 men and women taking part in this year’s project are focusing on the sargassum that is having a detrimental effect on local beachgoers and visitors.

CNS Local Life

Ahead of the NiCE workers hitting the beaches, the Department of Environment (DoE) gave a presentation on proper removal of the seaweed to ensure turtles are protected and to limit sand erosion, with raking and removal by hand preferable to using heavy machinery. Turtle hatchlings use sargassum as shelter, so it is important for cleaning crews not to sweep away turtle tracks, which the DoE uses to identify nesting sites.

The collected seaweed could be used as fertiliser or burnt, and anyone with respiratory issues is advised not to work with sargassum.

The Department of Environmental Health has been arranging to remove the collected piles of seaweed.

The NiCE project will employ the temporary workers for two weeks, paying them $10 per hour.

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