Water Authority offers wastewater discount

| 05/05/2020

Recognising that many businesses have been affected by the pandemic the Water Authority continues to seek ways in which it can support the business community during this difficult time.

As business is unlikely to return to normal in the near future, particularly the hospitality industry, the Authority will, upon request, discount wastewater bills for April through June for commercial wastewater customers along the West Bay Road corridor.

“This pandemic has caused significant hardship on the business community,” comments Water Authority Director Dr Gelia Frederick-van Genderen. “It is our hope that this discount will help to ease the burden many businesses are facing at this time.”

Charges will be adjusted based on the monthly water usage for each development, compared to the historical (annual average) water consumption, using the following formula:

SCnew = SCnormal  * (0.25 + 0.75* [WCmonth/WCaverage]), where:

•               SCnew = new sewerage charges

•               SCnormal = normal sewerage charges

•               WCmonth = current month’s water consumption

•               WCaverage = (annual average) monthly water consumption, calculated as the water consumption for the entire year 2019 divided by 12.

Commercial wastewater customers who want to benefit from this temporary discount, must make a request in writing and provide

1)             water consumption records for the entire calendar year 2019 and

2)             the Cayman Water Company bill for the month under consideration. Requests should be submitted to info@waterauthority.ky.

For more updates, visit the Authority’s website www.waterauthority.ky and social media pages.


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