Notice for Jamaicans in Cayman

| 04/05/2020

Jamaican nationals seeking re-entry to Jamaica while its borders remain closed should click here. Click on the Immigration tab and fill in the Application Form for Travel Authorization that is required by the Jamaican Government.

Quarantine at a government facility will be mandatory until otherwise notified, and application does not guarantee immediate return. This and other details of the process may be found on the website at a link just above where you would sign in with your e-mail.

Please contact the Jamaican Consulate’s emergency number (345) 547-4826 if assistance is required with the re-entry application. Persons who submitted applications for Jamaican passports, citizenship or other services can also contact our emergency number for an update or to arrange collection.   

The Jamaican Consulate will be open to assist by appointments only at this time until further notice.

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  1. Shane says:

    My Mother as been working an living in Grand Cayman for more than thirty years now, she has give up her Jamaican nationality an is now a Cayman citizen, are these people saying that she will have to return to Jamaica for good?

    CNS: No, if she has status, she is Caymanian, and no one is being forced to leave. This is for people who want to go home, especially if they have no way to support themselves in Cayman right now. If she does decide to go to Jamaica for a while, she can come back later if she has status.

  2. Keisha johnson says:

    Who want you leave can leave

  3. Camilla V Briggman-Faulkner says:

    What about americans who have children and husband in jamaica.. This has been hard for me my 2 kids and husband need me there with them too

  4. Wow says:

    No one will apply. Cayman is the best. No will leave for Jam.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I thanks jah

  6. Anonymous says:

    We need at least 150 flights to Jamaica. Immediately – they are your people you need to come and get them.

    • Bojo abrogar says:

      150 Passengers or 150 Flights to Jamaica? And
      What is the difference between 150 flights, and 150 Passengers?
      Pls Answer my Question.

      • Anonymous says:

        150 flights times (x) 100 passenger’s because of keep your distance = 15,000 leaving.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are they being a bother to you. Is your husband or wife still going to them. Ungrateful all that banana that was shipped here to stop u from starving to death ran out i bet u didnot remember that

      • Anonymous says:

        bananas what and when did we get anything free from Jamaica I am in my 70’s and cannot remember any thing free from there. I do recall shipping goods there and not getting paid, also loosing lots of money from insurance policies domiciled there when they went Independent, FACTS

    • Anonymous says:

      Even the ones who are still working should go as well? I guess you dont need the working Jamaicans money to help caymans economy
      Imagine all the money we would lose from them buying groceries, paying rent/mortgage, buying gas, paying bills. The small handful of us that would be left would not be sufficient to keep the economy afloat.