What justices sit on the appeals court?

| 26/08/2019

How can the public find out who is on the Court of Appeal and where can we read more about them?

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Auntie’s answer: I’ve summarised a question that appeared in the comment section of this article: Appeal court to hear first challenges to life tariffs. The full comment is here. The information you seek can be found on the Judicial Administration (JA) website. The page on the Justices of Appeal lists the all the sitting justices along with bullet points detailing their education, credentials and experience. There is also a separate page on the President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Sir John Goldring.

Though you didn’t ask, this is lots of other useful information on the JA website. If you want to know what cases are being heard, whether criminal, civil or appeals, there is a complete schedule for the courts, including the type of case, who is involved and in what courtroom it is being held.

You can also find a list of licensed attorneys, notaries public and law firms. Anyone who needs facts on mediation can look through a whole section on that subject. Plus, within the Guidance and Information section, there is direction on how to apply for such things as adoption, child custody, a domestic restraint order, legal aid and instituting small claims.

The site is also straightforward to navigate, so you should have little trouble finding whatever court- and law-related information you are looking for.

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