Ministry pays tribute to much loved doctor

| 18/10/2019
Cayman News Service
Dr Krishna Mani

(CNS Local Life): The Cayman Islands Ministry of Health has paid tribute to local opthamologist Dr Krishna Mani, who passed away earlier this month. Describing him as “one of the outstanding medical practitioners of his time”, the ministry said that his “contributions and community service have helped pave the way for the future of ophthalmologic medicine and science during his long and exceptional career”.

The ministry said, “Dr Mani was a kind, compassionate man who has taken home many accolades, including the Cayman Medal of Honour in the Field of Medicine in 2009.”

His list of firsts include the first corneal transplant in the Cayman Islands in 1994 and successfully completing the first laser corrective surgery for myopia in the entire English speaking Caribbean, here in the Cayman Islands.  

He worked tirelessly in the charity sector and was a key doctor in Rotary Sunrise’s project, ‘Guaruma’, in Honduras. He ran a number of clinics each year over the last decade, helping hugely underprivileged people gain access to ophthalmological assessments, aids, and in some cases operations.

Health Minister Dwayne Seymour said, “Dr Mani was an integral part of the Cayman community for decades. I’ve just had the pleasure of re-appointing him to the MDC council as deputy chair and he made a significant impact whilst serving. Dr Mani was a remarkable person and I thank him for his contribution. H he will be sorely missed.

The minister expressed his “heartfelt condolences” to Dr Mani’s wife, Bina, his daughter and the members of his family “who will forever feel the void he has left”.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    RIP Dr Mani. You are missed my friend.