Cullers must renew special licences

| 13/01/2020

The RCIPS Security and Firearms Licensing Unit is reminding the public that the special firearms licences issued to cullers registered with the 2018-2019 Green Iguana Cull Project (see previous release) have now expired.

This means that iguana cullers who held these licences are no longer permitted to use air rifles in residential areas or within 40 yards of a public road. These special firearms licences, which are issued in addition to the standard firearms licence, will not be renewed until cullers have re-registered with the Department of Environment for the 2020 cull.

Cullers interested in continuing to use air rifles under the terms of the special firearms license will then be required to visit the Security and Firearms Licensing Unit in Windjammer Plaza in order to have the licence renewed. Otherwise, owners who only plan to cull on their own property and not within 40 yards of a public road can continue to use air rifles under the standard conditions of their existing firearms licence.

“We advise all firearms licence holders to review these conditions to ensure compliance with their licences,” said Inspector Gerald Joseph, head of the Security and Firearms Licensing Unit. “Breaching these conditions will result in having your firearm seized and your licence revoked.”


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