Youth Mental Health Symposium

| 13/01/2020

The Alex Panton Foundation, the charity focused on supporting the mental health of young people in the Cayman Islands, will hold its third annual Youth Mental Health Symposium on 22 February at the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman.

The half day symposium, which starts at 1pm, will focus on the theme “Empowering youth. Inspiring hope”. The packed four-hour agenda will be geared towards equipping the country’s youth with the tools to recognise peers struggling with mental health issues and how to help while building resilience and inspiring acceptance in the community through a better understanding of their needs.

The symposium, which is free to attend, will feature a number of local and international speakers and panels. An exhibition area with a variety of products and services of interest to those in the mental health community will also be featured.

“This is our third symposium,” said Jane Panton, Chairperson of the Alex Panton Foundation. “Our previous events attracted around 300 people and we are expecting similar numbers this year. We hope that the carefully planned and diverse agenda is of interest to mental health professionals, teachers, caregivers, family members, those that work with our youth, the wider community in general and young people themselves.”

Panton added, “It’s important that not only the adults in our community know the language and tools to address mental health concerns but also our young people. This way we are not only helping our children and young adults but also empowering them to help themselves and their peers in hopes of creating a ripple effect of mental wellness throughout the community.”

The Alex Panton Foundation launched a number of important initiatives during 2019, including the Youth Ambassador Programme and the Emotional Literacy Programme. More information will be provided on some of these initiatives at the symposium.

“Parents, teachers and carers of all children 5 to 9 years old, including those with special education needs, should come out to learn about how the Emotional Literacy Programme has been working so far in the schools and after-school programmes where it has been implemented,” Panton said. “The works of the Youth Ambassador Programme since its launch at the end of the August 2019 will be explained by a panel of three Youth Ambassadors. Everyone interested in learning more about how we can empower our youth and promote their mental well-being should come out to the Symposium.”

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