All beaches closed on Easter Monday

| 12/04/2020 | 0 Comments

The public is reminded that today, Easter Sunday, 12 April, remains a hard curfew day. This means that without exception the only persons on the road should be essential workers carrying out their work-related duties.

Although soft curfew conditions resume tomorrow at 5am, Monday, 13 April, allowing non-essential workers movement only for essential tasks, a hard curfew condition has been imposed prohibiting all persons from accessing all beaches and the coastline.

All beaches, including the coastline, will remain closed from 12.01am tomorrow to 5am Tuesday, 14 April. There is to be no swimming, snorkelling, fishing, exercising or any activity on the beach or along the coastline during these times. 

Private owners with beach access are not allowed beyond the high water mark.

This restriction has been imposed by the Commissioner of Police and will be strictly enforced.


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