Laptop donation for children studying at home

| 29/05/2020
Michael Myles, community leader Rudolph Ross and Alric Lindsay with donated laptops

(CNS Local Life): Among the issues that have come to light during the COVID-19 lockdown is the number of students who lack the basic equipment at home to do their schoolwork, leaving them at a severe educational disadvantage at this time while they have to study remotely. But for a number for them, the donation of laptops will help them keep up and possibly change the course of their lives.

Michael Myles and Alric Lindsay, who have been friends since they attended George Town Primary school together, have between them spent $7,000 to provide laptops to students who were previously forced to do homework on their parent’s cellphones.

“In perhaps one of the wealthiest Caribbean countries in the world, no child in the Cayman Islands should have to be taught from their parent’s cellphone,” Myles said. “I am saddened that this is the case. Education must be equitable for all Caymanians, despite circumstance, if we are serious about producing responsible citizens and leaders to move our country forward. I am honored and privileged to be in a position to give back to our families as I once was provided for.”

Lindsay, who also works to raise funds and deliver food each day through Meals on Meals and the Good Samaritan Cayman Islands Food Bank (aka the Cayman Food Bank), said, “Through my work with various charities, I became aware of the growing demand for laptops for students who needed to complete their studies online but only had their parents’ cellphones available to access the online programmes.”

He continued, “Furthermore, it is extremely difficult for parents during the COVID-19 pandemic to find $500 in their budget to purchase a laptop. Some parents also don’t have the contacts in big companies to get hold of used laptops. I was happy to help bridge the gap and assist these parents and students.”

The pair have also recently donated $2,000 of their personal funds to George Town Primary School to ensure students at the school continue to receive school lunches. 

With the help of the Cayman Food Bank and a private donor, they have also raised $10,000 for charitable purposes, including much needed laptops, personal protective equipment (including face masks and hand sanitizer) and food supplies for the CAYS Foundation, which manages the Frances Bodden and Bonaventure Homes, a former employer of Myles, who now operates a TVET training center which provides Caymanians with employable technical skills.


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