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Liquor Licensing Board quarterly meeting

| 26/05/2020 | 0 Comments

The Chairman of the Liquor Licensing Board advises the public of the Liquor Licensing Board quarterly meeting to be held on Friday, 26 June. Application forms are now being accepted and can be found here. Forms should be submitted via email no later than 5 June to info@dci.gov.ky to be considered for this meeting.

Once the application is reviewed, the applicant will be sent an email with an electronic payment form to process the relevant fees.

Payments must be made with debit or credit card only.

Applications submitted after 5 June will be scheduled for the next quarterly session.   

Applicants for new licences are required to attend before the Board at the time of the session, details of the time and meeting room will be provided directly to applicants who have successfully submitted applications for the quarterly session.

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