Collection of vehicles from port

| 25/05/2020

The Port Authority (PACI) wishes to advise persons with vehicles that have been imported but remain uncleared at PACI’s facilities, to arrange clearing and collection as soon as possible. As space is limited at the Port Authority property, the number of uncollected vehicles is reducing the amount that can be imported each week, resulting in a backlog of vehicles in Jamaica awaiting shipment to Grand Cayman.

For those persons who have vehicles currently in Jamaica awaiting shipment to Grand Cayman, please contact your agent/broker to advise them whether you are ready and in a position to clear the vehicle immediately as it arrives in Cayman. This will help those vehicles to be prioritized for shipping and will assist us with facilitating a regular flow of vehicles to the Island, and to customers who are waiting for their vehicle to arrive.

The co-operation of vehicle importers is appreciated.


Category: COVID-19 Notice Board, Local News

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