Turtle Centre gets ready to open its doors to the public

| 06/10/2020

Following the passage of Hurricane Delta, staff at the Cayman Turtle Centre (CTC) are busy taking care of the animals, and work on site will continue tomorrow (Wednesday) to reset and prepare the park to be ready for re-opening to the public on Thursday 8th October from 8:00am. 

“The safety of our visitors, staff and animals are our top priority, and this is our guiding principle before, during and after any storm such as this,” CEO Tim Adam said. 

“Although we can never know in advance the kind of damage that a storm like Hurricane Delta will bring, we are very thankful to be able to inform that public that, having made careful advance preparation and having followed our disaster preparedness protocols, all of our animals and exhibits have been kept safe and our initial inspection has not found any damage to the Centre.” 

Cayman Turtle Centre will remain closed to the public on Wednesday, 7 October, while CTC’s maintenance team continues their survey of the entire park to check everything for soundness and safety, and while work progresses to put systems and facilities back in place and reset to be ready for guests. The animals that were placed in temporary hurricane-proof housing will also be carefully returned to their normal homes. 

“All of our animals have been kept safe and well taken care of,” Adam added. “I would like to say a huge thank you to all of our Crew Members who worked together diligently to help us prepare for the onset of the storm at relatively short notice, and those who have been on hand to ensure the safety and welfare of our animals throughout.” 

As Cayman’s number one land-based attraction, Cayman Turtle Centre looks forward to opening to the public again on Thursday 8th October once the restoration and resetting process is complete. 


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