Curious about possibility of cremation in Cayman

| 28/09/2016

Why can’t bodies be cremated in Cayman? How can someone be cremated?

Auntie’s answer: Well, actually, people can be cremated in Cayman and that service is going to be available soon. I believe that before Hurricane Ivan there was a crematorium on island but the storm put an end to that. Bodden Funeral Services has decided to offer this service and hopes to have the operation up and running in November, after getting final planning approval.

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Scott Ruby at Bodden explained that the company they purchased the crematory from will be coming here to help set things up and ensure that unit security is in place and all the operational procedures are implemented. They will train new operators and retrain Mr Ruby in the workings.

And why did the funeral home decide to add this service? “Cremation is an ever-growing choice of disposition in all our surrounding jurisdictions. That fact along with cemetery spaces becoming more limited, the Bodden family felt it was time to offer the community an option,” Mr Ruby explained.

He added that families who choose cremation can still opt for a full funeral with a casket, viewing and church services; there just won’t be a burial.

One more point: in previous columns I have answered questions about scattering people’s ashes (See Wants to scatter mother’s ashes in Cayman and Looking to scatter ashes from the air). For those of you who would prefer to keep your loved one’s ashes in an urn, but perhaps not in your home, Mr Ruby said that, depending on demand, they will probably also install a columbarium, which is a structure designed specifically to store urns.

Once everything is up and running, information about cremations will be available on the Bodden Funeral Services website.


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  1. G.T. says:

    Why? Simple! I am a Christian. I believe in the resurrection. Cremation is against my beliefs!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Here we have a huge dose of hypocrisy. We love the earth and want to hold off on global warming and rather than let our empty shells contribute to the circle of life, we promote global warming. Bloody Hell, people. Which is it?

    • Courtney Platt says:

      I wish to be buried at sea without embalming, to give back a little to that which I love. Land burial is entirely unsustainable on a small island such as our three specks and adds financial burden to the family. Combustion adds to global warming and wastes the nutrients we have sequestered. Bodden Funeral Services has the details and can make the arrangements for burial at sea. As a Christian I find no reference in the Bible requiring preservation of that which cannot be preserved. Clearly God does not need a decayed skeleton for resurrection day. Our soul does not stay there. Where did some commenters ever get that idea from?

  3. Parsee says:

    Two things:
    1. IF there needs to be a crematorium, it should be provided by Government just like the cemetaries; private enterprise has no place in the matter.

    2. On an island with so many church-goers I am surprised the concept is thought acceptable. How can there be ‘the resurrection of the body’ when there are no remains of a body left?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Your body may be cremated but your soul and spirit will be 100% intact.
    Everyone will be perfectly reconstituted for the great day of judgement.
    Better to feed the bugs. At least you are contributing to the circle of life.
    There is no hiding place.
    In the words of the famous English philosopher, “Rock on, Tommy!”

  5. Caymanian idiot says:

    Light meup and flush me down the shtr

  6. Anonymous says:

    At my age it can’t be much longer till I’ll need this service and it will sure save my heirs a lot of bucks if they don’t have to ship me off island to roast me! Cremation is already in my will so this is great!!

  7. Have been saying this for years that we need to get with it and offer this service on island.Its way over board to send the body to the US or elsewhere cost wise when it could be done here.Some people appose this and my due respect to them but I for one want to be cremated and ashes scattered at sea where I have lived most of my life diving.As the Holy Bible tells us “Dust to Dust Ashes to Ashes” Its all a matter of choice and personal beliefs and I certainly respect that.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Bible says that? Wow. Where?

    • Hi Peter, I’d invite you to join me in an un-enbalmed burial at sea. Why destroy the nutrients when you can feed the fish one more time?! Bodden Funeral Services has the specs on how to do it within the law. A steel retaining cage is all you need. Buid y9our own or they can do it for a fee. I’m sure someone in the diving industry will volunteer transportation for us. Maybe some of your atoms and some of mine will meet up in a Green Eyed Six Gilled Shark. Love you bro.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is great news. I too cannot imagine rotting away underground. Toss me in the sea and think of me floating in what I have always called my church.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Good to hear. I certainly don’t want to be buried as the thought of rotting away underground is repulsive. Fire me up and spread my ashes someplace nice like 7-mile beach or Smiths Cove, and visit me as often as you like.