The limit of Cayman’s territorial waters

| 27/09/2016

Does Cayman have its own territorial waters? And if so, are there legally defined geographical limits? 

Auntie’s answer: Yes, the Cayman Islands has legally defined territorial waters, with the limit set at 12 nautical miles. This boundary is measured from the baseline, which is usually defined as the low-water mark of a coastal state.

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I realise that is a very short answer and in the interest of making sure you don’t feel shortchanged, as it were, I thought I would throw in one other related tidbit, even though you didn’t ask.

Like the rest of the world’s maritime countries, Cayman has an exclusive fishing zone and that extends 200 nautical miles.



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  1. Shipmaster says:

    It is not an “exclusive fishing zone” but an exclusive economic zone, although it is actually less than that to the North where Cuba has a similar zone.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It makes one wonder how many of Cayman’s entrepreneurs are in the business of refueling narco subs just beyond that line, accepting payment in the form of cash, guns, ammo and/or drugs.