Derek Haines makes marathon effort for charity

| 24/11/2016
CNS Local Life

(L-R) Vico Testori and Derek Haines on the summit of Mt Acotango in Bolivia

(CNS Local Life): Derek Haines has completed another marathon in support of the Have a Heart charity. Along with Chris and Kim Bailey, who ran the half marathon, he participated in the event in Havana, Cuba, on Sunday, 21 November as part of the Mountains and Marathons challenge to raise money for the charity to sponsor heart surgery for children in need.

To date, the initiative, with the backing of the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman, has resulted in more than 130 children receiving life-saving/changing heart surgery at Health City Cayman Islands.

As for this latest fundraiser, Haines said, “Yet again the Cayman community has proved how generous they are in assisting with a worthy cause and I am most grateful for that.”

He placed third in his age group, finishing in 4:03. Next up is the Cayman Islands marathon, set for 4 December, which will complete this year’s challenges: the 50K “Off the Beaten Track”, three Bolivian mountain peaks with Vico Testori and Barry Yetton, Iron Man races by Shane Delaney and Chris Bailey, and the two marathons.

Chris Bailey finished in 2:13 and Kim Bailey came in joint third in her age group in 1:41.

Haines said of the Havana marathon: “It is a fun race and interesting although the spectators were nowhere near as involved as in Cayman; surprisingly quiet in fact. There are three fairly steep hills, so six for me as you go round the half marathon twice and that was a test on the second half.”

He added that there were “a couple of unusual happenings”, with a train blocking the route for a few minutes forcing the runners to stop, and a bus stopping on the road with similar results.

Overall, though, he said the race was reasonably well organised with runners from all over the world participating.

For information or to donate, go to the Mountains & Marathons website 

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