Cautioned when getting a ticket

| 23/11/2016

I recently received a ticket for parking within 45 feet of a pedestrian crossing. Upon completing the ticket, the officer cautioned me (the “Anything you say may be used in a court of law”) and wrote on the ticket, “Cautioned at 11:36.”  Is it standard or common practice to caution someone when issuing a ticket?  I thought you only got cautioned when you are arrested.

Auntie’s answer: A check with the RCIPS Traffic Management Unit (TMU) confirmed that, yes, being cautioned for a ticket is perfectly standard procedure. A TMU representative said that a police officer may caution a person issued with a ticket since that ticket also serves as a summons.

If the person who got ticketed decides to contest it and fails to make the scheduled court appearance, a warrant can be issued, the officer explained, adding, “Cautions or warnings for intended prosecution are a necessary part of procedure in order for any statements made to be used in court.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How no one has been killed or seriously injured at the Smith’s Cove crossing is a miracle. The Cayman Safari regularly parks on the beach side by the crossing completely blocking the view of people using the crossing to traffic coming from GT. I bet they don’t get fined or cautioned.

  2. satirony says:

    (Response to 9.02 am) …Or the ones towards the Ugland buildings on the waterfront.The complete lack of road markings, proper signage or enforcement, means cars are always blocking drivers’ view of the crossing. The NRA is aware of this but does nothing, perhaps because no one has been killed there, yet. How this situation has been left unresolved in a high-density tourist pedestrian area, defies the imagination. The parking ticket should be passed on to the NRA. Every pedestrian crossing in Cayman is marked differently. Why?

    • Anonymous says:

      Because this is a third world country (island?). There is no meaningful law enforcement.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am sure it is the sham parking spaces by KFC on the waterfront what a joke