Work ethic adds up for top employee at Treasury

| 04/10/2017
CNS Local Life

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson presents certificate to Employee of the Month Karen Rivers

(CNS Local Life): Karen Rivers, a budget and planning manager in the Treasury Department, has been named Cayman Islands Government Employee of the Month for August for being the most driven. She started her career with government in November 1998 as a budget and administration officer and was promoted five years later to an analyst.

In August this year, after a series of appointments in acting positions, she was confirmed as manager. Responsibilities of her job include managing the preparation of the multi-year budget, which incorporates overseeing the quality assurance process; reviewing and analysing budgeting and financial planning submissions; managing the preparation of any supplementary budgets during the fiscal year; and monitoring compliance between actual performance and approved budgets.

Accountant General Matthew Tibbetts said her job is foundational in the budget process and that she goes beyond the call of duty. “There are times when Ms Rivers stays throughout the night to ensure information is up-to-date during budget season. She works to a high standard and continues to deliver within the required timelines, despite lacking personnel.”

Financial Secretary Kenneth Jefferson said, “Ms Rivers is a highly regarded civil servant whose efforts are recognised by this award.”

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson added his thanks and praise. “I am told that you have been the driving force in the Budget and Management Unit despite limited supervision and resources,” he said.

“You have exemplified the Treasury Department’s mission to deliver excellent financial services while ensuring financial integrity and public confidence. Your professionalism is always evident from the work you produce, and you make it known that you will never back down from a challenge. You consistently deliver quality results even though there are times when you don’t have the assistance needed to do so.

“What is also remarkable is that you produce high-quality results without seeking praise. You don’t believe in excuses – you set your goals, and you achieve them with a positive attitude no matter what obstacles you may encounter.” Manderson added that “amazingly” Rivers did all that without complaint.

“Thank you for demonstrating such a remarkable level of performance and commitment to the Cayman Islands Government,” he said. “You are a role model to fellow civil servants.”

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