CAL explains seat selection costs

| 03/10/2018

I have heard that Cayman Airways will soon be charging passengers for seat selection on flights. Could you find out if this is true?

Ask Auntie, CNS Local Life, Caymanian statusAuntie’s answer: I would have to say the answer is a bit yes but mostly no. Fabian Whorms, Cayman Airways president and CEO, explained that the airline will be making changes to the seat-selection system.

Upgrades to the reservation system will allow passengers the option of purchasing certain premium seats that are not currently available for selection, Mr Whorms said. The way it works now, Cayman Airways assigns those seats at the departing airport. In addition, it is free for passengers to choose seats online that are available on the seating map.

Eventually, passengers will be given the option to purchase premium seats and the functionality to enable that will be put in place within 90 days, Mr Whorms said. But the plans for implementing the system have not been finalised.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It still amazes why on earth we want to do the same thing everybody else does..Does Cayman Airways realize that they killing the cow that was producing the milk?

    Cayman AIrways stood apart from all the other carriers because it did not have all the negative trappings and BS fees and most importantly the two free one else in the industry does that but Southwest…and guess what they are one of the most successful airlines in the USA…Cayman AIrways needs to take a page out of their books…Southwest has been in business for one more year than Cayman AIrways but Cayman Airways instead of riding on the success of 50 years did everything possible this year to drive away passengers (customers).

    I understand making changes for commercial reasons but committing commercial suicide while doing it makes absolutely no sense..

  2. Anonymous says:

    boycott cal. 5 star price for 3 star quality

  3. Anonymous says:

    Are they planning to sell the National Airline?
    Why are they setting themselves up for failure? Yes other airlines do the same and have been for years with the baggage fees and charging for seats. But that is the sole reason many take Cayman Airways and not the competitors. The only other reason is the fruit/rum punch.

    Many people fee with their pocketbook in mind. Add more costs to the mix and many (especially my household) will just use air miles and fly American.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I booked a seat with them before they hiked the baggage fee for use last week. It’s sad, that was my last flight with CAL… and here’s why. My carry on bag is the regulation size, I measured it with AA and it was fine. I measured it with CAL and because they count the wheels within the 22″ it wasn’t. After I argued to get it on, the bag then was placed wheels first into the overhead bin and it closed fine. No problem. I travel quite a lot and that Tumi bag (part of a set) has probably over 1m airmiles…. always fitting in the overhead bin. Now, here’s why I’m not travelling CAL any more. 1. The most popular route is from MIA, from the worst derelict part of the terminal. 2. It’s always late. 3. It’s the same price as AA which gives me airmiles to use to destinations around the world. What reason do I have to use them? None! And here’s the kicker people and CNS…. We subsidize them. Issue a FOI request and see how much we the people (G’ment) have been gifting them over the last 10 years. Then watch that number increase now customers like me revert to AA as they’ve thrown away their only marketing USP. It is known in the industry as commercial suicide!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Austerity measures indeed

    • Anonymous says:

      BS. Most airlines do exactly the same. Pick you seat in advance = you pay. Get a seat when you check in = free. The choice is mine.