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| 11/10/2018

Flow, CNS Local LifeDo you, or any of your readers, have a telephone number for Flow on which one can speak to a living person?  They have menus for everything but the question/problem I have. As for visiting their customer service office in Galleria, that’s OK if one has all day to wait, and sometimes one still walks away without resolution.

I’m just trying to find out if emails I’m getting from “Flow” asking me to confirm ownership of my email address are authentic, i.e. being sent by Flow.

Auntie’s answer: I will answer your second question first, since that seems the most important to deal with. It turns out your suspicions were justified.

A Flow official explained that the company does not ask customers to confirm their email account details through email, and added, “The only place where customers would be asked to enter their candw.ky email credentials is to log into the service (web or desktop/mobile application).”

The official also advised to verify the link you were sent is authentic, explaining, “While we have not seen the specific email you are talking about, it could be a phishing email designed to gain access to Flow’s customers’ email accounts.” Tips to verify an email is authentic include checking for spelling, grammar and the ‘sent from’ address on the email (not just the name), the official added.

In addition, customers are advised to change their password if they suspect they may have given their account details to a phishing site; to reset a Flow password, you can call 1 (800) 804-2994.

As for getting through to an actual person when you have a question, I was told you should call the same number as mentioned above.

If you have any questions, such as on your bill or your service, that you want to discuss in person, you can make an appointment to see a customer service agent at the One Technology Square offices by calling 949-7800 or through Flow’s website. Or you can always email Flow with specific questions.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I received at lest 5 copies of this email over a 7 day period. I deleted the.
    However, I also send an email to their helpline concerning the email and it was 2 days later that I received an answer from them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You can put anything you want in the “sender address” of any email, but there are ways to tell the true source.

    However, for your current issue just hover your mouse over the link that they are asking you to click to confirm your details and you will see the true address that you are being directed to.

    If you are falling for this, then sooner or later you will fall for a far more sophisticated scam if you don’t educate yourself on how phishing scams work.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Re my question on Flow, the sent address is exactly like Flow’s. Flowhelp@cwc.com