How do I become part of the vendor village?

| 18/04/2019

Who do we contact to get a stall in the Public Beach vendor village?

Auntie’s answer: This question was asked in a comment on an article about the planned designated vendor village on Public Beach. I can give you a “who” to contact but the problem is I cannot give you a “when” yet. I shall explain.

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The Public Lands Commission (PLC) will be the entity to receive applications from people who want to take stalls at the vendor village. However, we are not at that stage yet.

I have been advised that the PLC is “awaiting policy direction from the Minister for Lands on the subject of beach vending and the hearing of vendor applications”, as well as waiting for the corresponding draft regulations that will be finalised for Cabinet approval.

As for timing, it is expected the regulations will be completed and submitted to Cabinet by the time the redevelopment, which includes the vendor village, is finished, which is anticipated to be in the summer.

Meanwhile, even though the PLC “is not currently considering any new applications until the requisite public lands regulation and policies are in place”, anything it receives will be “kept on file”.

Related correspondence and requests can be emailed to the PLC (244-2467) at

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