How many new licence plates have been issued?

| 17/04/2019
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Auntie’s follow-up answer: After a previous column dealing with the issuing of the new licence plates, I asked the Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing for clarification on the numbers, since there still seem to be many cars on the road carrying old plates. Among the questions asked were, how many plates have been exchanged and how many new plates are still waiting to be embossed? Once again the DVDL has proved to be one of the best departments in responding to questions, both in speed and information provided. The exchange process seems to be moving along, though there are still thousands of licences to get through.

A DVDL official also explained that there are several steps needed before a driver can attach a new plate to his or her car.

First, the plate is embossed with the number, then it is assigned to a vehicle. Within about a week, a driver should be able to search on the home page of the DVDL website to see if the new plate assigned to the original licence number is ready to be collected. When you go to pick up the plate, it is “kitted out”, meaning you will also be given the coupon to attach to your windshield and tamper-proof plate holder in which to place the licence on your car.

Here are the numbers I can give you: To date the DVDL says 30,582 pairs of plates (front and rear) have been exchanged, with about 13,400 pairs left to be embossed. The reason that not all the plates are ready for collection is that the DVDL also has to ensure there are enough embossed replacement plates available for different vehicles, like trucks and motorcycles. Not only that, but there also has to be an adequate supply of new plates for newly purchased cars that are shared among all of the DVDL offices in Grand Cayman.

As a reminder, replacement plates for old licences can only be collected from the Crewe Road office. There are currently around 2,030 pairs that have been embossed but not yet collected from that office.

And, in case anyone is interested, Cayman has a total of 46,010 licensed cars, which includes those vehicles that are six months in arrears of their annual registration fee.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Much of DVDL website hasn’t been updated since 2012. The latest “Replacement Regiatration Plates Ready for Collection (3rd List) is as of July 20, 2018. Who is in charge of this stuff, did they die?!?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Three years ago our brand new car was issued a new plate. When it expired we went to the DVDL filled out the form, paid the money and received a new plate with a new number.

    No muss no fuss. What is all the fuss about stockpiling new plates. Certainly the DVDL should not have more that a week or two in stock and simply emboss new plates as needed. (with the exception of vanoty plates which would need to be special ordered)

    Am I missing something?

    • Anonymous says:

      That would make too much sense. I was told to “keep my old plates” and wait yet another year until my new one, with my old number, was ready. Swapping for any other number was going to cost me, as if I’d misplaced my plates and log book. There’s no waiver for common sense at DVDL. Meanwhile anyone with unpaid fees going back before Ivan gets a free pass!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dear “Ask Auntie”/CNS:
    Can you or have you asked your website Manager whether it has the capability of having a button or online form or comment box that allows users to submit questions to you anonymously like comments rather than having to send it from an email address?

    A concerned Caymanian

    Auntie: You can actually ask a question just like this – as a comment on any article – and I get quite a lot of questions that way. However, I’ll see if I can get a button added. Thanks for your input. It’s always helpful.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Whatever happened to the old car licence amnesty?