Where to pick up new licence plates on Sister Islands?

| 24/04/2019

What about the Sister Islands? What is the process and where is the pickup of new licence plates? 

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Auntie’s answer: This question came as a comment on a recent column on the issuing of new licence plates. I have to admit that when I saw the question I was disappointed that I hadn’t thought to ask this myself of the Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing.

But that oversight has been rectified thanks to the quick response of the DVDL. An official explained that as the new registration plates are embossed, those that belong to vehicles on Cayman Brac will be sent to the office there.

The Brac staff keeps a list of those plates as they arrive at their office and they will then call the customers to come to collect them at the DVDL office in the Cayman Brac District Admin Building. It usually takes about two to three days for the plates to be transferred from the DVDL office in Grand Cayman to the Brac office.

And before people living on Little Cayman feel ignored, the Brac DVDL staff also handle those plates, which are flown over to Little Cayman every Thursday. They can be picked up at the Little Cayman District Admin Building.

The official also noted that the Brac office has about 100 sets of plates waiting to be exchanged.

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