Can a visitor get cannabis oil in Cayman?

| 02/04/2019

I will be visiting Grand Cayman and my question is, will I be able to purchase CBD oil on the island? I have a legal medical cannabis card here in my state. I had major spine surgery and use CBD oil tincture under my tongue daily for controlling my pain. That said, I can’t travel with it. TSA rules won’t allow it.

So would I be able to buy CBD oil in a pharmacy while visiting for the week? If so, what do I need to prove it’s medical for me?

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Auntie’s answer: I have previously answered questions on how to acquire cannabis oil in Cayman but that was specifically for residents. With its legalised use in the US, Canada and in some countries in Europe, I would think that you can’t be the first visitor who was interested in getting access to the oil while in Cayman.

As before, I took the question to Dennie Warren Jr, who is a longtime advocate in Cayman for the medical use of cannabis oil. He explained that in the Cayman Islands you can only obtain extracts of CBD and THC with a prescription written by a medical doctor who is registered here.

Visitors can go to Doctors Express to see a local physician and get a prescription. The CTMH Doctors Hospital as well as several pharmacies, including those at Foster’s Food Fair, dispense the oil.

Mr Warren also has a Facebook page devoted to cannabis oil, which you may find helpful and will answer questions posted there.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Also some of the first to deliver cbd to the islands despite the rallying and back and forth a with the govt and select local “activists”. CBD is not against the law, that’s right it’s not scheduled anywhere, but we were sure pressed by the law and won the case too! Now customs has a vendetta against us but we’re here to stay and help our community!

  2. BakenTobacco says:

    Of course you can. Take your overseas prescription (from home) and deliver it locally to Doctors Express or any local pharmacy that participates in the marijuana oil sales here.