Can I carry my own CBD oil into Cayman?

| 05/06/2019

I’ll be travelling from Canada, where CBD oil is legal, to the Cayman Islands on 1 June this year. I’m wondering, since medicinal CBD is legal in Cayman, am I able to travel with it from Canada to the Cayman Islands or do I have to purchase there?

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Auntie’s answer: First I want to apologise to the person who sent in this question. The visitor, who was due to arrive 1 June, emailed the query 26 May and I was not able to get an answer quickly enough to respond ahead of their visit. However, I have now received a detailed reply from Customs and Border Control (CBC), who I must again commend for the helpfulness of its staff which represents a dramatic turnaround from my previous (many) experiences of never receiving any answers. While the information I was given may be too late to help the person who asked the question, it could guide others who find themselves in similar situations.

I have covered various questions on CBD oil but never one about a visitor bringing in their own supply. The short answer to your question is no, you are not allowed to carry CBD oil with you when you come to Cayman, even if you have a prescription from your doctor at home. A CBC official explained that you would therefore be committing an offence if you were in possession of any cannabis extracts or tinctures.

The only entities which are legally allowed to bring in CBD oil are registered importers who have been issued with a permit through the Health Services Authority, the official said.

But the news is not all bad because once a visitor has arrived they can see a locally licensed doctor to get a prescription for CBD oil, which is explained in this previous column: Can a visitor get cannabis oil in Cayman? I also hope that the person who asked the question may be in Cayman long enough for this information to help.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    CBD oil is a hemp oil extract which contains NO (or only traces) of tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC.
    How utterly stupid things are in the Cayman Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      As a fully qualified Caymanian chemist, I would love to be able to grow and extract these medicinal oils here in my own home instead of us relying on imports. There’s so many career opportunities in this industry that we’re disregarding.

      I long for the day that we get rid of this pointless ban on a medical plant.


      CNS note to commenter: Regarding deleted message, yes, it would be a good story. Can you or the person send details to ? I’ve sent the question to Auntie because I’m not sure, though I expect the answer is yes unless it affects your job.

      • Anonymous says:

        In all my 50+ years I’ve never had someone give me a good reason why I shouldn’t just plant it with my mint trees. Brew it same way.. no pesticide, no smoke. Sun and water. Smile and appetite.

        One love.

        • Anonymous says:

          For most of us, the prospect of getting arrested at 50 seems like a good reason not to.