New ministry policy assistant is JGHS graduate

| 13/01/2020
Cayman News Service
Leah Watson, Policy Assistant at the Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure

(CNS Local Life): The Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure has promoted a John Gray High School graduate from the position of executive officer to the position of the position of policy assistant at the ministry. Leah Watson, who is currently pursuing an Associate degree in Public Administration at the Cayman Islands Civil Service College, will now assist with the delivery of commissioned projects, undertake research activities and support the administration of projects and policy development.

Watson described her enthusiasm for the “opportunity to engage in a range of policy issues within a highly collaborative environment”.   

Chief Human Resources Officer in the ministry, Melinda Montemayor, said that over the years Watson had “worked on her own development plan with our team. She has been given the opportunity to learn new tasks to help her excel in areas where she needed development.”

Commenting on the appointments of Watson and Darvy Whittaker at the Computer Services Department, Acting Chief Officer in the ministry, Tamara Ebanks, said they were both “incredible contributors and team members who will continue to grow and impact our work in their roles. Both of them are outstanding Caymanians who are hardworking and capable professionals and I am pleased to see them progress within the ranks of the civil service.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Could someone please define for us what “policy assistant” actually means? It’s one of those masses of civil service posts…others have strategic” in them…that are created in a certain way so that the Hay job evaluation process can assign the post a high grade/salary? Policy is a major part of governance but it is not usually in the hands of inexperienced civil servants. It’s a very serious high level skill developed from formal education and experience.

  2. Anonymous says:

    From a professional Caymanian who graduated from a local public high school to another: well done, keep it up. Those who want an education have everything they need. Those who don’t have one didn’t grasp it.