Important info for people leaving Cayman on Cayman Airways evacuation flights

| 16/04/2020

Passengers planning to depart the Cayman Islands on a Cayman Airways emergency travel flight are asked to bear in mind the following information.

Cayman Airways Face Mask (or Face Covering) Requirements at Check-In and In-Flights

All passengers must present at check-in and boarding with their own face mask (or face covering) which they must wear for the entire duration of the flight until disembarking.Passengers without a face mask (or face covering) will not be permitted to board the flight.

RCIPS Airport Checkpoints

Travelling passengers should be aware that RCIPS will be activating two checkpoints in the vicinity of the Owen Roberts International Airport. Passengers should plan their journey to the airport accordingly as these checkpoint stops may cause road traffic delays.

Friends and Family at Airport

To help reduce the risk of possible transmission of COVID-19 to relatives, friends, and the wider Cayman Islands community, outbound travelling passengers should not have others meet them at the airport for goodbyes or well wishes.Relatives and friends are discouraged from leaving their homes to see passengers off at the airport.

For the latest updates and information on Cayman Airways-operated evacuation flights, please visit For the latest COVID-19 updates and information, please visit


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