Postal Service current collection hours

| 06/05/2020

This week the Airport, West End and Little Cayman Post Offices are open:

  • Wednesdays (for persons with surnames and businesses with names starting with A-K),
  • Thursdays (for persons with surnames and businesses with names starting with L-Z).

Other post offices are open only for the collection of general delivery mail. 

Times for the Collection of General Delivery – as of week of 5 May 2020

OfficeHours for Collection of General Delivery
Airport Post OfficeNo General Delivery service.
Bodden Town Post OfficeWed & Thu 10am to 11am
Creek Post OfficeWed & Thu 11:30 am to 1:30pm
East End Post OfficeWed & Thu 10am to 11am
General Post OfficeWed & Thu 12 noon to 1pm
Hell Post OfficeWed & Thu 10am to 11am
Little Cayman Post OfficeWed & Thu 9am to 1pm
North Side Post OfficeWed & Thu 10am to 11am
Savannah Post OfficeWed & Thu 10am to 11am
Seven Mile Beach Post OfficeWed & Thu 10am to 11am
Spot Bay Post OfficeWed & Thu 11am to 1pm
Stake Bay Post OfficeCollected at the West End Post Office.
Watering Place Post OfficeWed & Thu 9:00am to 11:00am
West Bay Post OfficeWed & Thu 10am to 11am
West End Post OfficeWed & Thu 9am to 1pm

Customers collecting general delivery mail must show ID. At small district post offices, only one customer at a time will be allowed inside to collect general delivery mail.

Registered mail without fees due at collection will be delivered to post office boxes starting on Wednesday, 6 May.  The standard practice of face-to-face delivery of registered mail is being suspended at this time to keep customer contact minimal.

As the Cayman Islands transition to lower COVID-19 suppression levels, following the suppression system recently outlined by Premier Alden McLaughlin, the CIPS will open more post offices and increase the services that it offers. The aim is to return to full operations when the Islands are at Level 1– All Clear.

Throughout its phased reopening, the Postal Service has been working to balance the needs of the community with the need of its employees. Around half of these are at high-risk from a COVID-19 infection. Nearly three quarters live with someone who is high risk.

To manage staff exposure, the CIPS aims to gradually re-open post offices as the official risk and suppression levels are reduced by the Government. To ensure that customers have an updated source of information on such changes, CIPS will provide weekly updates to its hours of operation on the Contact Us page of its website.

Social distancing protocols must continue to be observed by customers and staff alike while at a post office.

“Our commitment to protecting vulnerable staff is part of our commitment to protecting our communities,” said Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Open, closed, half-open, half-closed, awake, asleep…it makes no difference to the level of service we get. Cayman post is a last resort form of communication and best avoided under almost all circumstances.