UCCI courses meet needs during COVID-19

| 20/05/2020

Coping with a crisis, learning to use Zoom, holding effective online meetings and making homemade sweet treats are some of the half-dozen classes and workshops that have been added to the schedule of continuing education courses at the University College of the Cayman Islands as a result of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.        

Wayne Jackson, director of continuing education, said six of the 15 courses being offered during the summer semester were added in recent weeks based on the perceived needs of the Cayman community. The courses not only show UCCI’s dedication to meeting those needs, but also its ability to quickly adjust its course offerings. 

Jackson, who is also the head of UCCI’s hospitality program, said he surveyed his contacts to determine what courses might provide specific skills for dealing with the changing landscape. 

“When the economy has slowed down, like right now,” Jackson said, “it’s a good time to retool.”

One of the added offerings is basic computer skills for adults. With many businesses operating online due to social distancing regulations, such skills can be critical, Jackson said. The course will also help adults, especially older adults who may not feel at ease in the digital environment, to better navigate other tools, platforms and courses they might need to engage with. 

“Sometimes they quit a class, rather than admit they’re having trouble using the computer,” Jackson said. “They say, ‘Well, I had too much other work to do.’ But the real reason is the class was moving too quickly.”

Courses offering introductions to using Zoom, Google Classroom and digital marketing are also focused on bringing people up to speed on the technical aspects of conducting virtual meetings and utilizing digital platforms.

And then there is the course that deals with more basic needs, sweet treats.

“With the kids at home,” Jackson said, “you might need to bake a cake, cupcakes or brownies. You can make your own ice cream. Even people who eat healthy enjoy a treat once in a while.”

Other courses on the schedule include classes in basic English, conversational Spanish and real estate. 

Dr Stacy McAfee president and CEO of UCCI emphasized the affordability of the courses, she said “as the nation’s public University, we are proud to provide accessible and affordable education to all.  The cost of a continuing education course is between $100 and $200, with a flexible two-month payment option.”

Courses last seven weeks and classes start on 25 May. The deadline for application is 22 May.

The full list of online courses and the class schedule offered this summer is here.

Students can easily apply online through the admissions platform here.

For help, contac  Admissions@ucci.edu.ky or +1 (345) 623 8224.


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