No time limit on attempted murder charges

| 11/03/2018

What is the statute of limitations on attempted murder in the Cayman Islands?

Ask Auntie, CNS Local Life, Caymanian statusAuntie’s answer: There is no statute of limitations on charging someone with attempted murder or many other serious indictable crimes that are classified as A offences in the Cayman Islands. People who are charged with crimes that fall into this category would be tried in the Grand Court.

A six-month time limit on charging someone applies to cases being heard in Summary Court for Category B crimes such as theft and Category C offences such as traffic violations.

Specifically, Section 78 of the Criminal Procedure Code (2017 Revision) says that except where a longer time is legally allowed, charges destined for Summary Court have to be “laid within six months from the date on which evidence sufficient to justify proceedings came to the actual or constructive knowledge of a competent complainant”.

I answered a related question in a previous column if you are interested in a bit more information (see Clarifying statute of limitations).


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