Used cars an unsightly part of West Bay Road

| 06/01/2019

Ask Auntie, CNS Local Life, Caymanian statusI know this question has come up before, but why can’t the National Roads Authority properly police the parking of “For Sale” vehicles opposite Queen’s Court? Every day I pass this collection of cars and realtors’ “For Sale” signs assembled alongside one of Cayman’s most prominent tourist roadways. What a mess.

 In addition to being embarrassing for those of us who try to promote the beauty of Cayman, this area is certainly discouraging for local businesses and residences who call this area home. Who owns this property? Can’t the owner do something? If it’s the government why won’t it spruce up this area and prevent the used car sales?

Auntie’s answer: Yes, you are right that this question has been asked previously, and often the issue is that the cars have been abandoned on the side of the road for everyone to see. In a column last year I explained the process for getting rid of such vehicles (see Removing an abandoned car).

But the problem you are writing about is when owners use the road side as one continuous used-car lot. I agree that it is unsightly so am happy to direct attention to this once again.

The Department of Environmental Health deals with derelict vehicles and you can read how this process works in a column published in 2017 (see Getting rid of abandoned cars).

The particular cars you refer to on West Bay Road are parked on the road reserve, which is basically the public area between property boundaries on either side of the road. Due to their location, the National Roads Authority (NRA) is now working on the issue. In fact, an NRA official went to that location last week and spotted about seven cars parked as you described, and I would like to commend that person for taking the initiative to do so. The official also confirmed that the authority is calling the owners to tell them to remove the vehicles.

The NRA can also put notices on cars, as it did by the Butterfield roundabout, but for now they are simply making those phone calls. If this continues to occur, the NRA will most likely put up “no parking” signs.

Please let me know if the cars reappear or you can call (946-7780) or email the NRA.

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  1. Marc Hyndman says:

    I will take every single abandoned car that is unwanted. I’ll sell it for scrap metal. I arrive on the island December 10th. I’ll need a Jeep if anyone abandons one of those lol.. Look if its metal, its money. What other rust bucket eye sores can I make money on and do my part to clean up the island when I arrive at my new home. “Anything with a wire” is my business nick name. If its rusty I want it. Copper, Aluminum, Tin, Heavy Steel, Stainless Steel, Lead and my favourite- Tungsten is what I like.
    text me at 249 591 8380
    I’m arriving December 10th flying westjet from Toronto to George Town. I need a jeep, I need a utility trailer, an ocean fishing pedal kayak, I need a cheap house to buy, I need a lawyer and some local guides to show me around… don’t be shy, text me.

  2. Chris Johnson says:

    The real problem here is that enforcement divisions I’m all parts of government are rubbish including the CPA, NRA, RCIP, ACC, DOE. I have contacted all the aforementioned over the years but I think they lack balls to upset people and so things do not get done..

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tourists are routinely driven thru the burned-out wheel-less wreckage of the Red Gate Road junk yards as their first impression of the Cayman Islands. Some of these vehicles are at advanced-stages of abandonment still partially on the now very active road surface. Why do they get a pass?!?

  4. Anonymous says:

    There is an abandoned car which has been parked for over a month (no plates, tires becoming deflated by the day) in a small spot between Industrial Park Esso and Massive Equipment Rentals. Complaints HAVE been made to relative authorities but the eyesore and dangerous object remains. Nearly two months!