CIFS recognises Australian firefighters

| 09/01/2020
Cayman News Service
Catastrophic fires are blazing across Australia this season in every state

(CNS Local Life): Australia is experiencing the country’s worst fire seasons on record, in which 15.6 million acres has burned, 25 people and an estimated one billion animals have died and 2,000 homes destroyed. Firefighters, many of whom are volunteers, are working round the clock to battle fires throughout the country.

In support of those firefighters, the Cayman Island Fire Service (CIFS) issued a press release to recognise the challenges they face and to commend “those who are working in extremely difficult conditions battling over 130 wildfires”.

CIFS noted, “Exacerbated by 40°C temperatures and strong winds, thousands of fire fighters are working above and beyond the call of duty to protect their communities across Australia. The sheer scale of devastation and loss of life is hard to comprehend.”

The Cayman firefighters said they were “keen to send a strong message of support and best wishes to our Australian colleagues, their families and friends and those affected by these serious fires.”


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  1. Anonymous says:

    So will the trees come back? More or less? How long will it take? With sea level rising will the water enter into the aquifers? What about wells? Does the climatologists know? Will they have any past cases to make a theory?